2015 BMW M3 Specifications, Pictures, Prices

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Are you looking for a premium-looking sedan? There are many sports sedans with nifty designs. The new 2015 BMW M3 belongs to this group. The new car has a lot of strong contenders, but we’ll see how the car will survive the tough competition. While it has many rivals, it is one of the top choices. You may really want to know if it can shine among its competitors. Many people assume that the car would be a balance between a great chassis and a reliable engine. The assumption has a sense of truth judging from the improvements that the forthcoming series has.

2015 BMW M3 3

2015 BMW M3 overview

Some say that the new car is a powerhouse. We can not deny the fact because it happens to be a truth. It has a perfect weight, a perfect steering, and everything. It becomes very addicting to drive after a while. It is simply a great vehicle, no wonder it has topped many prestigious lists. It is designed to suit different tastes. It has a new tasteful design. The new styling can likely cater to different buyers. It has grown in luxury, performance, and any other aspect.

2015 BMW M3 2

Speaking of the exterior, the 4-door car comes with an electric power steering. It has a bunch of similarities with the M4. Though they look pretty much alike, they are both different. Yes, the underbits are roughly the same, but the curves are quite special for both series. You can distinguish the exteriors of both cars in some aspects. The M4 is a little bulkier. It extends to the sides and has some aero deficiencies.

2015 BMW M3 4

2015 BMW M3 design

The M3 looks handsome. Some even consider it as the better car in terms of looks. The wheels are perfectly covered and hidden behind the chassis. The M4 has wheels that flail out, reducing the artistic value. While the exterior is pretty decent, the interior is pretty good, too. There is a small issue we have with the M badges attached on the seats. They are small, but the illumination can be so distracting. The seats feel so comfortable. Besides, the interior is decorated by carbon trims and stitching. With a price of $ 84.300, all the interior elements make sense.

2015 BMW M3 5

2015 BMW M3 performance

When it comes to performance, this is the first M3 that has a turbocharger. The engine is a 3.0 liter turbo that churns out a whopping 425 HP. It is very good, but not much of a change from the previous generation. It does not matter especially when we put torque into perspective. The S55B30 I6 has 406 pounds-feet of torque. What’s it to do with performance? Well, horsepower is not the only factor that affects performance. The company tries a new approach by tweaking the torque. The new series has such tremendous power that even when you put your foot on the brake, it takes time to put the power down. It’s like a vicious monster ready to crush anyone who disobeys. Drive the car with respect. The base price is $ 62,000. It can go up even higher if you decide to install some additional specs