2015 Toyota Camry Mid-Size Sedan Pricing, Features & Specs

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The 2015 Toyota Camry has a slightly different design than its Forerunner. However, if we compare the sectors of performance, it feels roughly the same. What will change on the new generation? Will those changes be blunt or subtle? Let’s find out. If you want to replace the Camry you have now with the new series, better think twice because it is not much different from its predecessor. Let’s start it with the design. The changes are subtle in this aspect. The previous release was actually pretty good, so extreme changes are not that necessary. It does not mean that the company disregards styling. They’re probably keeping major upgrades for the next series.

2015 Toyota Camry

2015 Toyota Camry styling

The black plastic grille that covers the front end looks fantastic. You may think that the change gives it an unfinished look, but we think that it’s pretty well done. There are new headlights slightly revamped. The taillights are pretty basic if you ask. Judging from how minimalist the redesign is, it seems that the company puts more focus on performance than looks. What lies under the hood? There are some engines offered. The standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine can deliver respectable 178-horsepower. The engine comes with a six-speed automatic transmission. It is not the only option. If you need better performance, you can consider taking a higher trim, which has a 3.5-liter V-6. This engine is capable of producing 268-hp.

2015 Toyota Camry 4

Unfortunately, if you are seeking an all-wheel-drive, your wish won’t come true. That option is still rare in this class. You probably already know that. There are only a few cars with that spec in this class. The four-cylinder works great. It is not only powerful, but also running smoothly. It helps the car deal with highway traffic. The driving experience is nice. The steering wheel is smooth as well.

2015 Toyota Camry 2

2015 Toyota Camry performance

Does the suspension do its job properly? To put it into perspective, the car is sort of bouncy when it is running over the dips of the roads. How about efficiency? The base engine does not produce too much power, so it’s safe to say that the efficiency is affected in a good way. It is rated at 25 in city driving and 35 on the highway. Compared to the Fusion, those numbers are quite favorable. The interior tweaks are not major, as we said before. The dashboard remains and other parts remain the same. There are some enhancements, but they are subtle.

2015 Toyota Camry 3

2015 Toyota Camry interior

The interior features Softex fabric that gives it a more polished look. Another concern is visibility, which to us is pretty good. Basically, it is clear in all directions. The slim pillars make the all-round view better. The roofline is designed in such a way to provide more headroom. The downside is the cabin is not too quiet while you’re driving. Wind noise is still loud. There are obviously certain things the company can do to muffle the outside noise.

2015 Toyota Camry 5

Overall, the interior feels quite comfortable. The seats are large and flat. The driver seat fits a person of any size. As for features, the company gives the car a new 6-inch touch-screen. This is a big improvement. It comes along with a USB port and Bluetooth. There are also control and hands-free voice commands. How much does the car cost? The pricing starts at $ 23.795, very affordable actually. That’s all about the 2015 Toyota Camry.