2015 Toyota Celica Release Date, Development, Possible Features

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Toyota is a famous carmaker. There are many products from the company destroying the competition. Their flagships obliterate others like nothing. We may speak too highly of the brand, but there is a sense of truth in there. We want to bring you closer to the 2015 Toyota Celica. There is not much we can unveil about the details, yet. The information about the release is very little. We have a real hard time collecting statements, not rumors from various media outlets. At this point, we can only guess what the next offering will be.

2015 Toyota Celica 2

2015 Toyota Celica release date

Toyota always puts quality above anything. This is what every company should do. Every new offering is made in hopes of impressing fans and enthusiasts. If the release of the series happens to be true, you will not be able to hold your excitement. Let us see some of alterations that can possibly come along with the series. Let’s start with the exterior. Every release usually has upgrades. They are not necessarily major updates. Anything is welcome for the new series. If the upgrades are major, then we are lucky. It also means that the company strives to appeal to a broader audience.

2015 Toyota Celica 3

Minor tweaks are great as they literally mean that the new series will still serve the core audience. The fascia can also have cosmetic tweaks. Expect improvements raid the headlights, rear bumpers, and some other essential exterior parts. Speaking of technology, the new generation can have immense power from a new engine lineup. The interior might as well be loaded with a bunch of cutting-edge technological advances. That will be a great move from the company.

2015 Toyota Celica 4

2015 Toyota Celica engine

What kind of engine do you want to power the car? Say what you want, the car can carry an engine generating 800hp. That was a huge amount of power to unleash for a car this size. It is likely to have an automatic gearbox and valve timing. Performance-wise, we can assume from the rumored engine. Of course, other cars in its segment offer a wide range of power outputs, but this one is not to be overlooked. If anything, the car has the pipes by offering that amount of power. We will see if other sectors, such as efficiency, safety, and reliability also get better. The interior is about to make you impressed. Hopefully, the interior not only has high-tech features and controls, but they are arranged in a tasteful also manner.

2015 Toyota Celica

2015 Toyota Celica features

As a buyer, you definitely demand something unique that the previous generations did not offer. We hope for the best, really. The safety features might as well be stepped up. Air bags come as a standard addition. There can be devices to avoid collisions. We really need these essential features. Safety has always been one of the biggest concerns when we are choosing a car. What extra features will appear on the upcoming release? We heard that some of these additions will make the cuts, anti-lock, cruise management, navigation, and power windows. Of course, we have to wait until everything is clear and official. If we just make assumptions, then keyless entry, power antenna, and other former features can be carried over.