2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Development, Exterior and Interior

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Once again, we will talk about a classic car you have never heard of before, the 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Here are a few things that set it apart from its forerunner. It received new colors and was freshen up, which was a good thing. It also got a new emblem which, to us looked more refined. The exterior was simply adorable for the series. You might as well feel the love for the design. There were many things buyers found attractive from the release on the outside, like the lighted vanity mirrors. It also featured a glove box lamp.

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse development

The series had quite a long history of development. It had been around for nearly a decade before it finally got tweaked again in 1995. The 2000 version also looked brand new compared to its forerunners. For your information, it was the first v6 for the series. It was not the only series that caught people’s attention. In about the same time, the Eclipse Spyder Convertible also caused uproar. It was developed at a plant in Normal. As we all know, it was also the plant from which the Galant Sedan came out. Well, the resemblance did not end there. If you wish to know further, the Galant’s platform actually had got to do with the production of the Eclipse.

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse engine

It was mostly the front-wheel-drive platform. Both do not share exterior details because they looked pretty much different. The carmaker came up with a few options. The eclipse had some variants. Buyers could either go for the GS or higher trim levels. All of them had their own price tags. Of course, the price differences had got to do with the features. For instance, the GT was armed with a v-6 engine. The other models carried a four-cylinder power plant. It received warm reviews from critics. There were some aspects that critics claimed to be great efforts. It was updated for a few times. The 2003 generation was already hinted at the Chicago Auto Show.

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4

It was easily a handsome car. The exterior looked nifty. The front-fascia gills were captivating. People could not help but stare at the part the moment the saw the car. The strakes were too striking to be missed. It was known as a geo-mechanical look. If you feel curious to know about the unique styling, you have to see it yourself. It basically refers to the unique appearance of the hood featured arched lines. The front was designed very aggressive and sporty. It was confirmed with the inclusion of the muscular fender bulges.

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse exterior and interior

While the exterior was bewitching, the interior looked just as eye-catching, but many mocked its tight backseat. It was not for kids, but the backseat felt too tight for adults. It was not that spacious to seat up to 4 people. It is pretty understandable if a coupe can not really deliver a spacious cabin due to the limited height. The backseat actually came with a folding mechanism, so that it could accommodate more luggage. There were some standard features found inside, such as cruise control, remote keyless entry, power windows and door locks, air conditioning standards, to name a few.