2015 BMW 3 Series Colors, Customizations, Interior, Performance

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The 2015 BMW 3 Series is a breath of fresh air. There are some refinements, from the engine to the outer frame. The company is already working for the next series. People are eagerly waiting for the new generation of which is said to be released sometime next year. Upon its arrival, you might want to know what will change on the next generation. The most recent release was only two years ago, so we think that it does not necessarily come with major upgrades.

2015 BMW 3 Series 4

2015 BMW 3 Series color

The front fascia scheme is what grabs the most attention. Yes, some drastic changes are going on under the bonnet. The company is preparing for the release of some diesel engines. This is the first generation that will have three-cylinder powertrains implanted. If you feel so thrilled after this revelation, you might want to immediately see the appearance of the car. The new engines are apparently borrowed from 2 Series Active Tourer, not a bad thing, though. The new engines will be available across models.

2015 BMW 3 Series 5

Pay attention to the engine when making comparisons of the trim levels. Let’s see what appears on the interior. The cabin features sinuous lines. The front end all the way to the back are all covered with high-quality materials. You can feel that the engineers put their hearts into designing the interior because it feels as if it’s made with great craftsmanship. Among all trim levels, Sport, Luxury and M Sport grab the most attention. What’s good about this lineup? Well, if you want some sort of personalization for the interior, you can go for one of these models.

2015 BMW 3 Series

2015 BMW 3 Series customizations

They feature nice upholstery and there are a lot of customizations you can do. The features are also comprehensive. Here are some that will be up on the dashboard, driver-friendly analog gauges, a 6.5-inch display screen, navigation system, etc. You can even expand the screen up to 8.8 inches. This is available on several trims. Another thing we want to point out is the iDrive infotainment setup. We feel like the system has changed drastically compared to when it was out for the first time. It was bewilderingly complicated, but now that feel is completely gone.

2015 BMW 3 Series 2

2015 BMW 3 Series interior

The interface is much simpler and user-friendly. Even those who haven’t kept an eye on the development of this technology will be able to use it without any problems. The controls are redundant in a good way. Who does not want to have a car with stacks of interior features? Now, if you want to know the engine lineup, the entry-level comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder.

2015 BMW 3 Series 3

Power production is quite standard. It delivers 180 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. As for the fuel efficiency, let’s see whether 24/36 city / highway are enough for you. Another model, the 328i has a better engine spec. Its engine can generate up to 240 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque. There are a few more engines with similar performances. If you want the best one, the 3.0-liter variant can make the car run wild with its 300 horsepower. Overall, this car is worth having especially with all the aforementioned credentials. The #Ultimatedrivingmachine is perfectly tagged with the new series.