2015 Ford Expedition Review, Capabilities, Performance, Features

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Just for the nostalgia, we think having a 2015 Ford Expedition will evoke the old memories. The series really reminds us of what was popular in the old days. A rugged body, it is one of the things that make it look old-fashioned, but it is not a bad thing. Yes, the car has heavy looks, quite understandable since this is an SUV. Since it is pretty heavy, do not set a high bar for agility. On the paper, it feels less agile especially when compared to others that inhabit the segment.

2015 Ford Expedition 2

2015 Ford Expedition capabilities

Though its agility on the pavement needs to be sorted out for the next release, there are many things that make it superior than many other releases. First off, the towing ability is commendable. The same can be said about its off-road abilities. There are some noticeable upgrades. Some are clear, while others are pretty subtle. It seems that the industry is following the downsizing trend. Releases are becoming more compact than ever before. We love the fact that this one pushes the boundaries by staying true to its roots. It comes with a turbocharged 3.5-liter v6 engine. It is there to take over the sector of performance in place of the 5.4-liter v8. The new generation also boasts a perfected front end.

2015 Ford Expedition 3

Can we let the car have a moment? It is interesting when a company keeps pushing a series that has been considered old by many. Well, the car shows that it’s aging, but it does not necessarily lose its appeal. It still has many old fans and new fans keep growing over time. If you like truck-based SUVs with rugged bodies, then you must check out this one. With its bulky size, it is an undisputed fact that the car can seat up a lot of people. If your family consists of 8, you can still take them all for a ride with the new generation with its capability to hold eight passengers all at once.

2015 Ford Expedition 4

2015 Ford Expedition performance

Power is another sector it has been working on. The next generation will have a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged Ecoboost v6. It is not that surprising that the car has a power output of 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft. of torque. It teams up with a six-speed automatic transmission to send power to its wheels. Off-road capabilities were exemplary on the previous series. This one still delivers in this department, but it has slightly decreased. It is not a big deal, anyway. At least the interior space makes up for it. The cargo space is pretty ample. Despite the decline of the off-road capabilities, it experiences a boost in on-road handling.

2015 Ford Expedition

2015 Ford Expedition features

The interior is lively with various gorgeous accents. The cabin is sizable even though it is not that impressive. We are talking about the materials which are kind of low-rent. As we said before, the cargo space is pretty significant. The maximum space when all seats are folded can reach 108.3 cubic feet. There are some trim levels. Each one carries a unique list of features, such as the Ford’s Bluetooth-based connectivity system, tinted windows, fog cloth upholstery, Myford touch, dual 4.2-inch displays, lights, automatic headlights, etc.