2015 Ford Ranger Design, Interior, Engine, and Price

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The 2015 Ford Ranger is a new pickup truck. If you want to know the complete features of the new car, read the following explanation. Let’s start with the design. It seems that the car is meant for show than go. You might have a different opinion, but judging from the design, the car is definitely intended to please buyers who are looking for a nice design. The specs are also pretty good, so they can actually match the look of the car.

2015 Ford Ranger 5

2015 Ford Ranger design

The new series is loaded with dozens of safety features. Safety is an important element of a car. Looking at the size, the car is pretty compact. It is even smaller than the average pickup truck. However, it does not detract the car from providing many benefits. The exterior looks very decent. If you already fall in love with the previous design, this one will make you love it even more. It now utilizes lighter materials. The material change has an impact on its overall weight. The weight reduction affects performance quite drastically. The aerodynamics is also enhanced.

2015 Ford Ranger 4

You will be spellbound by the chrome mask covering the front section. It looks futuristic and elegant. You will also be amazed by the new headlights. Actually, that’s not only the new design that makes the headlights interesting, but they also provide decent lighting. Another major tweak happens on the front bumper. The part has become much larger than before with fog lights mounted on the edges. Many people can not hold their excitement when it comes to the interior of the car. All we can say is the interior has a strong modern touch. The materials are high quality. The seats feel soft to touch and comfortable to sit on.

2015 Ford Ranger 3

2015 Ford Ranger interior

Leather is the material that covers up the most part of the interior. Another commendable improvement is the noise insulation. It works effectively to muffle unnecessary sounds from the outside. It is a major depart from the previous series. The only issue we have with the interior is the space. The company could have done better. A little more cargo space will not hurt. The center console is perfectly mounted. There are many things found on the interior, like high-quality audio system, air conditioning, etc. All these functions are nothing but to improve the driving experience. Who does not want to have the best enjoyment while driving a car?

2015 Ford Ranger 2

2015 Ford Ranger engine

The cabin can accommodate up to 7 people. It is actually pretty normal for a car touted as a pickup truck. If you feel curious about the engine, we’ll tell you that the car has a 2.2-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine. The power generated out of the engine is pretty good, amounting 147hp and torque of 375lb / ft. It is not the only choice. There is also a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine. This one puts out more power, which is 163hp and torque of 375 lb / ft. Another variant comes with even a larger engine, a 3.2 liter 5 cylinder TDCI. Choose one variant that really suits your needs. Though we have not heard about pricing, some assume that the base model will start at $ 20,000.