2015 Honda Civic Models, Pricing, and Features

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The 2015 Honda Civic will be available in several trim levels. Among all the models, the new Se seems to get the most attention. It will have some fundamental changes compared to siblings. Is the new series value for money? Of course, there are too many different models with irresistible features. The leaked information about the interior and exterior enhancements may get you excited. Several trim levels are not substantially recast, but some break all ties with their predecessors. The names of the trims are LX, EX, EX-L and HF.

2015 Honda Civic Models 2

2015 Honda Civic models

We will specifically explain the all-new SE. it secures a place right in between the base LX and the EX. What we like about the model is that it tries another approach, which is looking ordinary instead of flaunting gimmicky stickers all over the body. We did not say that striking stickers were bad, but being simple is sometimes better. It will be injected with a bunch of new features. You may not want to get your hopes up, but from the rumored features uncovered recently, it is hard to not expect much from the new series.

2015 Honda Civic Models 3

2015 Honda Civic price

Some features which were originally built only in the EX and the upscale models find their way to this particular model. How much is the price? There are several models on offer. The base model is likely to start at $ 20.780. It dishes some fine features. The standard features are pretty nice, such as smart keyless access with push-button start, automatic climate control, cornering LaneWatch camera, 7-inch touch-screen, and much more.

2015 Honda Civic Models 4

The new generation discards the old wheels and replaces them with more futuristic 15-inch alloy wheels. The gap in price between models is not too big. There are some optional features you can get with only $ 1,000 each. The more features you want, the more money will come out of your pocket. There is an optional sunroof costing around the same. There are intermittent wipers also if you will. Another stunner on the exterior is automatic-on headlights.

2015 Honda Civic Models

2015 Honda Civic features

There are many more that it boasts. Expect other models to go on sale in about the same time. The Civic SE has got people wondering if it will be the only version that receives significant structural tweaks. We have not yet heard about the details of other models. Though the pricing details are still a mystery, they will not be so different from the previous ones. The styling is endearing even though the updates are somewhat minor. Even with subtle enhancements, they still have an impact on the overall appearance of the car.

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It brings a sporty design back, especially with slender bumpers on the front. The same impression is felt from the daytime running lights. What’s up with the interior? Does the company pay it dust or some updates come along? Rumor has it that though some updates are done, the atmosphere of the Forerunner’s interior still feels thick. There are now chrome door handles with a very modern appeal. The material that wraps around the interior is also better. The most entertaining part is probably the lineup of new features. There are some new extras inside of the car

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