2015 Nissan Silvia Release Date, Performance, Interior, and Pricing Details

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The 2015 Nissan Silvia will be soon enough to be rolled out to dealers. Hold your excitement for a little longer. It will not be too long until we can see the new generation up close. There are some interesting features that it will come up with. Let us start with the design. While the new generation retains the same design language, it is expected that the new car will be smaller than before. It will have varying upgrades in and out. Aside from a new appearance, there will be some tweaks also inside. It can share similarities with the Nissan Z coupe. There is nothing wrong with it because we personally think that the Nissan Z Coupe is so handsome. If you have been a fan for a long time, the upgrades will only strengthen your bond with the series.

2015 Nissan Silvia 2

2015 Nissan Silvia interior

The interior features lots of details. They are not yet to go public, but there will be a lot of additions for the car. The prototype of the car has surfaced. From the shots leaked recently, it is likely that the new generation has a pretty spacious cabin to accommodate 5 people. The interior is covered in premium materials. Besides, the standard utilities are also modern and stylish. There is much to see. Here are some possible additions to the new generation. Bluetooth connectivity is added to allow file transmission. The infotainment system turns out to be great, so does the audio system. They will keep you alive while cruising around with the car. Other possible additions include satellite navigation.

2015 Nissan Silvia 3

2015 Nissan Silvia performance

This will be the car with decent performance. The engine for the base may be smaller than the forerunner, but it is not much of a downgrade. It packs up a 2.0 engine which literally means that it has similar mechanical components as the Juke. The new engine churns out 200 horsepower and 217 lb-ft of torque. That was not bad by any means, was not underpowered either.

2015 Nissan Silvia

For a family car, the power is more than enough especially if it is mainly used for city driving. If you want one as a family car, the base model is already sufficient. If you need a more powerful car, then the engine can be upgraded for the better one. The 2.0l engine was rumored to be produced by Renault, too. There will possibly an alliance between the company and Renault. Whatever it is, the outcome will be great. We were happy the moment the rumor started swirling around.

2015 Nissan Silvia 4

2015 Nissan Silvia prices

We are not yet to know its pricing details. The same goes for the release date. It is still too early to tell, but some sources predicted that the new offering may cost starting at $ 24,000. If it is not released by the top of the year, it is likely to hit the market early next year. The name has not been fixed, yet. It can be released with another name, like Silvia 240sx maybe as many sources claim to be. Are you interested to see the next generation in person? We can’t wait, either.