2015 Toyota 86 Engine, Pricing Details, Interior, Exterior

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The 2015 Toyota 86 will have some light tweaks while the pricing increases over the previous series. The car offers more comfort thanks to the new suspension. It was confirmed by the global chief engineer. Also the dynamics are taken to the next level with the new guide bushings, oil seals, and many other improvements. The shock absorbers are recalibrated for the new series. The tweak happens to have a huge impact on its control. The car gains more control over the damping force. This means that it will be more responsive. This does sound interesting. If you appreciate the previous performance, the improved performance on the new generation will drive you crazy, hopefully.

2015 Toyota 86 2

2015 Toyota 86 engine

Nothing has changed under the hood. We said so because the 2.0-liter engine makes a comeback. This is a pretty decent for the car, so we do not complaint if it is carried over from the last release. The engine allows it to unleash 147kw / 205nm. There are two options of transmission, manual and automatic. They are good either way. If you have always liked the six-speed manual, then go for the transmission. If you need simplicity, a model with an automatic transmission is the best for you. The car has excelled in driving dynamics for years. It has always been a lightweight since day one. The formula seems to work again this time around.

2015 Toyota 86 3

2015 Toyota 86 interior

The interior remains largely unchanged. There are some useful new additions, like a reverse-view camera. The carbonfire trims will make you impressed. That is not real carbonfire, but it looks surprisingly similar. It really reinforces the boy racer vibe. With all those improvements, what is the reasonable base price? The manual model is expected to go on sale for $ 36,490. The auto model is a few thousands more expensive, $ 39,290 to be exact. The price of the auto model basically increases by $ 800. With a new pristine white coat outside, it looks cool and stylish at the same time. It has a protrusion imitating a shark fin on top of the roof. The addition makes it quite recognizable.

2015 Toyota 86 4

Speaking of ground clearance, when you drive down the car, it feels as if the seat is barely inches above the ground. However, there is something we would like applaud, which is the forward visibility. It looks very great, kind of at odds with the rear visibility. The latter is good, but nothing spectacular. The steering wheel is convenient to handle. Generally speaking, besides all the details we’ve unveiled, the dashboard looks nice with the lineup of features, one of which is Bluetooth.

2015 Toyota 86

2015 Toyota 86 speed

There are a few modes that the driver can switch interchangeably. The normal mode feels precise, while the sport mode feels crisper. The acceleration figures are different for different modes. The car can reach a top speed of 100 Kmh in 7.6 seconds. These numbers are not groundbreaking, but putting many aspects into perspective, they are great. With such a construction, the car can easily conquer twisty roads and uneven terrains. Driving over different surfaces triggers different reactions. You will enjoy each one of those experiences.