2015 Toyota Corolla Reviews, Specs and Prices

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The 2015 Toyota Corolla offers more than just a typical sedan. As a small car, there are quite a lot of nice features offered by the new car. If you want to know the performance and overall review of the car, do not leave before you read till the end of the page. Though it is not a leader compared to other sedans, it is ranked pretty high in its segment. If you want a car that has a spacious back seat, then this one is for you to consider. That is the first thing most people notice from the new generation.

2015 Toyota Corolla

2015 Toyota Corolla fuel efficiency

The power that the engine generates is pretty decent. This car is perfect for commuting. If you are yet do decide a car for everday driving, consider this one. It has great acceleration. The engine is mated with a six-speed manual transmission. The transmission comes as a standard. The automatic version can be found on other trim levels. That is pretty efficient, too. It recorded 29/38 mpg city / highway. Those were decent numbers for a car in its class. Another model has even better fuel economy. If you want that one, switch to Eco Corolla LE models.

2015 Toyota Corolla 2

2015 Toyota Corolla design

Those who have tested the car said that the new series was not that fun to drive mainly because the steering feels a bit dull. It was only a drawback. The interior is filled with upscale materials. You might be a bit surprised by how captivating the interior design is considering how affordable the car is. The front seats feel good. The legroom makes passengers feel comfortable. With all the great things, the trunk space happens to be average, but it still allows easy cargo unloading. There are numerous features added on the dashboard.

2015 Toyota Corolla 3

Bluetooth and a USB port are available on the entry level. It seems that those features will also find their way to higher trim levels. Other features come as complimentary. You can add them as needed, such as proximity key, navigation, a rearview camera, and Toyota’s Entune infotainment system. A 6.1-inch touch screen is also optional. If you want this addition, then install it with some extra cash. If you are a big fan of the series, you will be pleasantly surprised. The new series is overhauled on a major scale, like the new design might be a shocker.

2015 Toyota Corolla 4

2015 Toyota Corolla upgrades

The latest release has a wide variety of substantial upgrades. This happens not only to the styling, but also features. Many people doubt that significant upgrades will stray the new gen too far from its roots. Just put your worry to rest because the company knows how to make the new car stay true to itself despite being majorly revamped. The fuel economy is boosted, the interior is taken to the next level, the space is broaden, etc. With all the tweaks, the pricing is still very affordable. It’s one of the things that keep the fans loyal. The changes do not require them to drain their pockets. With the base price of $ 17.600, you can already take one home. Other trim levels are more expensive and the upper limit is $ 23.500.