Daihatsu Charade Review, Competition, Updates, Gas Mileage

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It came as no surprise when the company decided to pull some Daihatsu series from its showrooms. Well, people expected it because the brand’s presence was in decline for quite a while. The Daihatsu Charade was quite an attention-seeker back in the day. It was known as a pretty competitive car for many reasons. People really liked its reliable motoring. The prices were reasonable also. As many cars were introduced to the market, its popularity started to dwindle slowly but sure. It had too many competitors in its heyday.

Daihatsu Charade 2

Daihatsu Charade competitors

As we all know, only the strongest ones will be able to pull through and it seemed that the car failed to do so. It dropped off people’s radar. Some even did not know where the car had gone. If you want to know more about the solid car, we would share the information with you. It was actually a solid little car. It had a lot of benefits. The best part was the car was pretty affordable. Yes, it had a lot of mainstream competitors, but even with such a fierce competition, it had proven itself to survive.

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The car was not meant to stand out of the crowd. That is the first thing you should remember, but it still had a unique appeal that made it loved by the masses. This car was manufactured to those who want no-fuss while driving. Being a quite small car, it had proven itself to be very reliable. Those who needed a mode of transport for daily commuting would consider this one. It was undercut eventually, though. It had to compete with many cars. It did not have the gloss to compete with some cars that offered more features even though they were more expensive. It was still alive for awhile as they did a range of minor changes. It was kind of perceived as an all-new considering the facelifts it got. The grille got tweaked along with the bumpers. The company also redid the shuffled the model range.

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Daihatsu Charade exterior details

Well, the changes were mostly window dressing. When it comes to performance, it was still the previous version. Finally, sometime in 2000, Daihatsu dropped the series off the lineup. As the company cut it off, new names and models were introduced. It made so much sense that they made that decision. It had gotten tired through the minimum action. It had to compete with many flagships which turned out to be superior. Nothing seemed to work, but they tried their luck once again. In 2003, they came up with a new offering, something attractive which would attract new buyers.

Daihatsu Charade

Daihatsu Charade mpg ratings

Does the Charade have competitors? It has some rivals with similar specs, one of which is the Daewoo Matiz. Both came with very competitive prices, so it all depends on your needs now. It is important for you to review the advantages of both and see which one is better. Do not set a high bar for performance. The car was not only small in size, its engine was tiny, too. It excelled in fuel economy, though. With 58.9mpg, you can drive it around town without worrying about fuel.