Daihatsu Tanto FCHV MPV Review, Power Plant, Interior

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The Daihatsu Tanto FCHV is pretty small. A small car should not necessarily be a snail in the rain. It can also run fast and challenge another bigger workhorse. We would like to introduce you to this gorgeous car. Let us see how it can really impress you. This is classified as a mini MPV and it is clear from the size. Just by looking at it you will know that this car is really small.

Daihatsu Tanto FCHV

When it comes to production, the underpinnings are the same as the Daihatsu Move Fcv-K2. By the look of it, it is also comparable to some series from other companies, like the Honda Element. Well, it is undeniably small, but it does not mean that the car can not seat up adults comfortably. As far as the cabin space is concerned, it is still comfortable enough for adults to sit in the car while it is moving. It is a compact car that can still carry many passengers.

Daihatsu Tanto FCHV 2

Daihatsu Tanto FCHV power plant

There are a few things you need to know. This car is battery-powered. Generally speaking, cars that fall under this category are not as reliable as gas-powered cars when it comes to performance. There is a sense of smoothness in its acceleration. The power output is not bad, anyway. As for this car, it is powered by a fuel cell stack which is actually developed by Toyota. Well, quality should not be up for debate looking at how established is the brand behind the production of the power plan. This is situated beneath the seats, so that it does not interfere with the cabin space. What we like about this battery-driven car is the fact that the ride feels very quiet. It is one of the good things coming out of the battery-powered car.

Daihatsu Tanto FCHV 3

Daihatsu Tanto FCHV features

The series is already 10 years old now. It made its grand debut back in 2005 at the Tokyo Auto Show. While it might not be the most acknowledged cars in the lineup, the series has received a fair amount of love and respect since then. Of all the things offered, the hydrogen tank gets the most attention. This allows the car to reach a further distance before it must finally stop to fill up the battery pack. The travel distance is 96 miles, pretty good, actually. The distance is extended, but the size of the battery is surprisingly getting smaller. It is placed in the rear end, so it does not really disturb the interior space.

Daihatsu Tanto FCHV 4

Daihatsu Tanto FCHV interior

There are many things that make this small MPV superior to others in its segment. We will spill the beans of the exterior details. The LED lights are probably the center of attention. LED is an invention that will forever change the landscape of lighting for cars. This type of light is very efficient. It may sound like a small thing, but for a car run by a battery, even a little energy saving can really make a difference. The car has several lights, from the headlights to the interior lights. If all of them are LED-based, then it can save a lot of energy to prevent the battery from running out faster.