Daihatsu Terios Review, Build Quality, Engine, Driving

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Here is an overview of the Daihatsu Terios. It can be your possession if you are looking for a car with a bulky appearance. This is classified as a wagon, pretty big, but there are literally bigger types. Seating for a medium-sized family, this is just perfect. It is a fun ride. It comes with a wide array of utilities. It is aimed at buyers who wish for a reliable car yet still fits the budget. Back when the series made its first public appearance, it was sharply criticized concerning the build quality of the car.

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Daihatsu Terios build quality

It was said to be too narrow for its height. With four doors, it was perceived as rather unusual. The company has learned much over the years and they keep reworking the design and make it better with every release. The car has proven to be a good choice for enjoying outdoor pastimes. The best thing about the car is the fact that it is well-rounded. Everything is put together, from its design to performance.

The car is reliable and provides good fuel economy. Terios was released again in 2007 with a series of improvements. With all those updates, it could be a RAV4’s smaller brothers. The series did its thing right. It was good at what it was aimed for. The car might not be something you want to break speed limits, but it does its job right for city driving. There are several models rolled out to different markets. For example, the SX and DX were designed strictly for the Australian Market.

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Daihatsu Terios engine

They utilized a 1.3lengine. Together with a 5-speed manual gearbox, it sends out the power to the wheels in order to move the car. The manual gearbox was added as a standard, but buyers also had the chance to switch to another transmission if they wanted to. The engine is not very capable for moving the car at a distance, especially if we factor in the size of the car.

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The system that works on the car is all-wheel drive. This is a permanent inclusion. Thankfully, the company also provides a bit of flexibility by offering four-wheel-drive to those who do not want the default option. Yes, the engine is kind of underwhelming provided that the size is pretty huge, but it will do anything it’s asked for regardless. You can use it to drive around town. Pulling into traffic, the car can also challenge other cars with similar sizes.

Daihatsu Terios

Daihatsu Terios ride

Some find the engine revving not that good to run at 100km / h. It shows its sheer power when you take it to an off-road track. The extra low ratio can really help the car grip on surfaces very well. It provides traction which helps it climb and run over uneven terrains. Many off-road enthusiasts can tell that the car lacks low-ratio gears, but you should not worry about the handling because it feels smooth and compliant. The series really possesses great off-road credentials. With that in mind, do not be surprised if find the suspension a little stiff. It is what an off-roader needs, but it may feel a bit less comfortably for road asphalt.