Interesting Facts about Ford Cars

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Ford Car Company was initially founded by Henry Ford on June 1903. It then grows to be the oldest and the most well known brand of cars since it has been serving car manufactures almost for about 100 years. Ford cars also have various models ranging from sport to family styles. To know more facts about Ford cars, here are some interesting matters pointed out.

Facts about Ford Cars Production

Ford Model T cars have been made and popular in a basic color which is black. One color combination may look plain and dull, yet it is never proven in the case of Ford cars since black color of Ford Model Ts has been lasting in years, even from the early time to the end of First World War. Black Ford Model Ts also have been an icon or trademark of Ford cars in common. The next interesting facts about Ford Cars are about its production. Ford Company has a place, Ford’s River Rouge Complex, where people can see the whole manufacture of Ford cars every day. Moreover, in the Rouge complex, the car is produced every 49 seconds. It might be kind of unbelievable, but it is really true. The workers of Rouge complex even liquefy 6.000 tons of irons and make approximately 500 tons of glass each day. This is a proof of speedy production of Ford cars, which might be also unbelievable.

Facts of Ford Cars Publication

Coming out of the facts about Ford cars production, its launching and marketing experiences are also worth shocking. An example is related to when the Ford Mustang launching event. Despite, relatively high price of the cars, people interested in purchasing it were in an overwhelming number. What is more, there several customers placing a bid on one Mustang, and then when the winner came out, he even did spend the night in that car just to make sure that the staff would not sell the car to someone else. This may impress such exaggeration. Yet, these facts about Ford cars have, at least, proven that Ford products are not arguable in the sense of both quality and popularity.

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