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The Kia Forte Koup Turbo is quite fascinating on many fronts. We will spend this time to talk about one special offering from the company. It is actually the third offering of the Forte lineup. The good-looking sedan has 4 doors. Another version that may spark your curiosity is the 5-door hatch. Both look good with the lineup of features they come up with. As far as the new styling goes, it still feels contemporary, which is a good thing as it reminds us of the design language of the particular series. It has some things in common with the Honda Civic Coupe.

Kia Forte Koup 2

Kia Forte Koup Turbo competition

For your information, they can be put head-to-head. Here are some of the exterior details if you’re curious to know. The fenders and hood are the parts that remain unchanged, but they are elongated. As for this version, the interior is also reworked, thank good because it feels so roomy inside now. Who doesn’t want a roomy car? It provides much legroom than before. Style-wise, we notice a bit of stiffness and non practicality, but it now has a wider opening. The unique part is as it has a larger vessel, the company has managed to prevent such a gain. It utilizes high-strength steel. If they went for another material, the curb weight could have swollen.

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Kia Forte Koup Turbo performance

The performance is also reliable. Here are a couple of changes to know. You have to know them before deciding to buy one. New direct-injected engines say hi on the new series. The aspirated 2.0-liter four engine is pretty good, anyway. Even though it only unleashes 173 horsepower, it was enough to propel the car. There are many engines joining the lineup, of course. Buyers can also try its 1.6-liter turbo four engine that puts out slightly more power, 201-hp. How does it feel to ride a car with that engine specification? Well, if you have tried the Veloster Turbo before, you have known how it feels because both share the same engine.

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Kia Forte Koup Turbo interior

While the performance is good, another good thing shows up inside. The cabin is pretty quiet. It tells that the sound-deadening materials do its job right. The thick carpet padding helps muffle the noise. The front seats are cozy and they are bolstered. There are some optional additions that they allow you to add. They are typical KIA fashion. A heated steering wheel can be part of the interior. The driver seat can be ventilated and it boosts the comfort levels. The rear and front seats can be heated, too.

Kia Forte Koup

Here are a few of things to expect from the car. The SX feels athletic thanks to the suspension. It is good to ride especially when it comes with higher-rate springs. The base EX has some similarities in the shocks, but they still feel different. Another highlight is the body motions. Thankfully, they provide a steady ride. The overall comfort is pretty good, too. The sense of choppiness appears sometimes, but it is barely noticeable, which is a good thing.