Mitsubishi Montero Sport Release Date, Performance, Design

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There are several types of Montero. The original one is actually supposed to be a utility vehicle. It could seat up way more passengers than the Mitsubishi Montero Sport. We will talk about the latter right now. There are several things you should now. The 2003 generation was revamped, one year after it also got refreshment. The sales of the particular series were pretty strong until 2001 when it experienced a drop in sales, but the percentage was not that significant. There were 4 different models released to the market. At the top of the food chain was the Limited, while the other three were ES, LS, XLS.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2

Mitsubishi Montero Sport system

All of them share some similarities. Two types of systems worked on all these models, which were rear-wheel drive (RWD) and four-wheel drive (4wd). What was new on the 2003 generation? There were definitely some differences between it and its larger counterpart. First off, since it was the smaller car, it was slightly shorter compared to its original sibling. It looked kind of rounded. Meanwhile, if we observe the exterior more closely, you would see the unique standard fender flares. Besides, buyers could also spot running boards on the outside. Do you feel curious to know the exact size of the car? Well, the wheelbase was 107.3 inches long. The tailgate had also a minor facelift. Just look at the tailgate. It had a fold-up window on this particular series.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3

Mitsubishi Montero Sport interior

Now let’s peek into the interior of the unique vehicle. It could seat up quite a lot of passengers despite being a downsized version of its former sibling. It could carry five passengers all at once. The best part was the car also had a spacious 79.3 cubic feet of cargo. The driver could literally be loaded with luggage as much as he wanted to. There was a lineup of interior features, such as cloth upholstery, a CD player, a tilt steering wheel, and a tachometer. You would see varying features across models. If you are willing to splurge more, then you will be entitled for many more additions. For example, the LS models had the addition of remote keyless entry. Another variant had cruise control, too. Select one based on your needs. There were many more features it came up with, like leather upholstery, heated mirrors and front seats, to name a few.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4

Mitsubishi Montero Sport performance

Though it was technically a compact version of the Montero, the power output was not heavily reduced. Several different engines powered those variants. For example, there was a 3.0-liter v-6 engine. This one could produce 165 hp. That sounded a bit low, but that was not really lacking if various factors are put into perspective. The bigger engines were available for better trim levels.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport

One great engine from the lineup was a 3.5-liter v-6 which put out slightly more power, 197-hp. All those variants utilized the same four-speed-automatic transmission. Next, when it comes to safety, it was probably not the best in the game at that time, but it had some significant additions, like antilock brakes. Meanwhile, for buyers who expected side-impact airbags, they would be left disappointed because this addition was absent for the series.