New Technology of Hyundai to Enhance Driver Safety and Convenience

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Hyundai comes as the first company in Korea which offers telematics infotainment system. This new technology of Hyundai system is created by the telecommunication informatics and fusion. The telematics system also features remarkable communication terminal built in GPS system. This is indeed beneficial since the GPS may provide the driver with useful information regarding the right tracks and direction while driving.

Kinds of New Technology of Hyundai

The new technology of Hyundai is basically aimed to enhance comfort and pleasure while driving. Also, the new technology of Hyundai prominently maintains safety and ergonomics. As for the technology of Hyundai currently used, here are the details.

  1. Hologram HUD. It is a space holographic technology which displays various driving information on the front of windshield. Interestingly, the information is presented in form of 3D hologram.
  2. Driven State Monitoring. The DSM employs facial recognition system which is able to monitor changes of the driver’s movement through an infrared camera inside the car. This is helpful to detect abnormal states when the driver’s facial direction and blinking pattern do not match the system requirements. This way, the alarm will sound loudly, and bring back the drivers into normal senses. This, accordingly, prevents car accidents due to sleepy driver problems.
  3. Self Healing Scratch Shield. The technology employs Scratch Recovery Clear (SRC) equipped with special elasticity which is able to automatically fix over scratches.
  4. Solar Cell Sunroof. This new technology of Hyundai is considered ergonomic and environmentally friendly. The solar cells can reduce A/C load during summer, and this automatically enhances cooling fuel efficiency and performance.
  5. Pre-cash Headrest. The car has rear-facing radar which is able to detect rear collisions. When a collision is detected, the headrest will automatically move closer to the driver’s head. This will help prevent driver neck injuries or other possible head injuries.
  6. Nano glass. This new technology of Hyundai system lets water and dust removal on the front windshield without using any wipers. The nano technology also supports holographic technology which is installed on the windshield as well.
  7. Honeycomb tires. The special honeycomb tires can eliminate the possibility of flat tires. It, thus, enhance driving convenience and comfort.
  8. Smart Windows, which can adjust the amount of light and heat entering the car.