Pontiac Fiero Classic Car, Design, Suspension, Sales

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The Pontiac Fiero is a classic car. Yep, it’s a classic car and will always be favored by many car enthusiasts. The fun part is the car does not get its credibility through incredible performance or stuff like that, but because it is one of the 100 worst cars ever made. At least an online source has led us to believe it. There are many reasons why so many people ask to avoid the car. First, it does not fit tall people. If you consider yourself quite tall, then this car will not be fitting. Another interesting fact you need to know is that the car recorded poor sales during the course of its release. It was allegedly one of the 10 biggest financial disasters in the automotive world.

Pontiac Fiero 2

Pontiac Fiero design

The car was kind of polarizing. On the one hand, it was deemed as a failure, while some touted it as the best sports car of the days gone by. Whatever it is, we know for a fact that the car has become part of the classics. You can purchase one just to add to your collection. When the car was first introduced, it was conceived as a two-seater. It came with a quite powerful engine. They worried that the release of the car might cause a bad impact on the sales of the Corvette. It was when the new series was castrated. It turned out to be quite simple and toned down. While it was originally planned for a powerful v6, it became a 2.5 liter engine finally. It also came with slow-revving iron engine block. The addition was quite surprising since it was actually meant for economy cars.

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Pontiac Fiero suspension

Another restrained part was the suspension. It could just make a grand debut with a great suspension, but they decided to ditch it in favor of something less in quality. Since many aspects of the car were toned down, it made so much sense that the car felt lackluster. While it was doomed to fail from the start, it actually received mixed reviews. Some people wanted it to get the best treatment, while others supported the new release and said that it was a decent effort.

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It was called an aggressive mid-engine series. Of all the drawbacks in which people complained about, the lackluster performance was the biggest concern. The series was sold around 187,000 units in the year of its release. One year later, they seemed to have learned from the backlash. They listened to the criticism and released something new with the addition of 140 hp v6. Interestingly enough, the addition to the lineup did not help boost its sales.

Pontiac Fiero

Pontiac Fiero sales

It actually went downhill in sales. They dropped quite significantly and left only a total of 74,000 units sold all through the year. In 1986, some claimed that the car looked much better. It clearly showed from the increase in sales that the series experienced that year. The sales increased to 84,000 units. Another strange thing happened again the following year. The 1987 version was improved, but the sales went downward. The sales of the series were definitely a unique trend.