Pontiac Firebird Classic Car Review, Design, Power Plant

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There are cars that have fans across demographics. We can say that it happens to the Pontiac Firebird. We could still remember how much of an icon the car was. Well, it has become a classic car and will always be remembered. There are many things we can talk about the series. It was more well-known that just its association with Reynolds. Do you know the history? We will spill the tea to you. Back then, the car was made in response to the Ford Mustang that ruled the world. It was cliché, made to fight against coupes in its segment. Well, that is how the competition turned out to be. It is still like that, though. Whenever there is something causing uproar, others will try to challenge by releasing their own flagships.

Pontiac Firebird 2

Pontiac Firebird exterior

There are a few nice things we can talk about the particular series. First thing first, the sheetmetal was gorgeous and it looked nearly identical to that possessed by the Camaro. There were a few fundamental differences that set them apart, of course. The car had a unique nose and tail. The interior was kind of distinctive as well. It got people so excited about the grand debut. When it comes to appearance, the Firebird had it all. It was a nice coupe with such a compelling design.

Pontiac Firebird 3

Performance is another sector that the car excels at. It made so much sense because the selection of power plants was just incredible for those days’ standards. One of the engines in the lineup was the 400 cubic-inch v8. It was not the only decision of which the company made to appeal to more buyers. They also came up with another offering, which was a high-output overhead-cam inline-6. With this choice, they took aim at enthusiasts who really cared about the weight of a car. It provided nimble handling and made it more agile on the road. Another fun fact you may be surprised to know of is that the release year was when the Trans Am trim made its debut.

Pontiac Firebird 4

Pontiac Firebird styling

The Pontiac Firebird was stylish. It featured a sleek body. Interestingly enough, as time went by, the appearance of the car got better and extroverted. As opposed, the performance was in regression over time. Speaking of the looks, it got better graphics and spoilers as time went by. The car was rereleased for quite a few times. The third generation was introduced in 1982. It wore a fresh new body design. It became much lighter and the headlights looked very different compared to the former years. The performance did experience downgrades, but the great handling made up for it even though they should actually be put in the same sentence. Both factors are equally important.

Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac Firebird engine

It stayed to its roots. It retained the design language it had since day one. Another update was done in 1993. The engine was still v8. It had a swoopy body. The power output was far from lackluster as the power plant could pump out as much as 300 horsepower. Some even considered the performance as outstanding after years of development. Due to staying true to its roots, it looked less refined compared to coupes released the same year.