Some Facts Say Problems of Ford Cars

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Ford Car Company has been leading automobile manufacturers since it was firstly established in 1903 till now. For over 100 year, it also has been a trust worthy instance producing vehicles with technological advancements. However, there are somehow several issues or problems of Ford cars found in some public recalls.

Airbag Problems of Ford Cars

It happened to the case of 2008 Ford Focus which is issued to have manufacturing problems. Some say it failed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208 which deals with airbag protection for passengers. The factual case was the malfunctioning airbags due to improper installation. It certainly posed a possible risk of being not deployed in case of crash happening.

Seating Problems of Ford Cars

This problem of Ford Cars happened in around 2001 dealing with malfunctioning seats. 2001 Ford Focus models established passenger seating design which could be folded down to be a load floor. However, the fact was that when the seats are folded down, the hinge rotating disengagement frequently occurred. Then, it is also occurred another problem once the seats are folded back up. The seats cannot reengage, and it endangers the passengers’ safety in the event of a crash happening.

Latch Problems of Ford Cars

Latch problems of Ford Cars exactly happened to 2005 Ford Focus due to corrosion on the rear door latch. This corrosion also bothered the process of catching the latch. For example, closing and opening rear door brought problems. As a result, the door is often unintentionally opening in spite of the moving condition of the cars.

Knowing these factual malfunctioning and problematic vehicles seemingly does not lessen most people’s interest in owning Ford cars. Failure and errors still do not happen to all types and occasion. Despite the fact that many media and public sayings related to problems of Ford cars, the company somehow keeps trying enhancing and perfecting the technological and ergonomic concerns of the vehicles produced. So, what do you think now of Ford cars? No matter what results you may think of, there is no such perfect thing in the world despite its huge popularity and sophisticated technology.