The History of the Acura Brand

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In 1986, the United States, the state of California was established specialized unit Concern Honda, under the name of American Honda Motor Co.Produced prestigious and expensive cars Concern Honda was going to sell exclusively in North America. Acura car brand appeared in 1989. This brand of Honda intended for domestic sales in the U.S. and other countries, although Acura models are well distinguished from similar brands like Honda appearance and facilities and basic equipment. Main technical characteristics of Acura models differ little from those in car company Honda.

The main part of Acura vehicles going to the U.S. plants American Honda Motor Co, but the RL and TSX sedans are imported directly from Japan. Model similar to Honda Legend was collected first. It had a coupe, sedan and hatchback. In 1990, it left the assembly line 2-door coupe NSX, with an aluminum body and ventilated disc brakes on all wheels. NSX-T model appeared in 1995 and after modernization in 1997 left the assembly line model Acura NSX. In 2005, production was discontinued Acura NSX. In 1991, the firm has developed a 2-door coupe Acura Integra. Acura Integra GS-R Model is a sports car variant.

In 1999, the U.S. plants have produced about 101 thousand cars Acura. Implementation of the system SH-AWD with the transfer of torque to all wheels, purposeful modernization of the old models and the active development of new company was launched in 2005. Acura RL Model has received two major axes. Acura RDX SUV went on sale in 2006. In 2007, it was removed from the conveyor sports coupe Acura RSX. All Acura cars were firm supplied to the market in the maximum configuration. Management of the company is constantly expanding Acura markets. In Russia in 2008 was opened the first official dealerships.

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